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How do I cancel my order? 2017-08-02T21:33:46+00:00

Refunds are not offered, but cancellations can be processed at any time. Here are the steps.

  1. Log in using your account credentials.
  2. Visit the “My Account” page.
  3. Click “Subscriptions.”
  4. Click to “View” the appropriate subscription.

  1. Click “Cancel” next to “Actions.”

  1. Your subscription will now say “Pending Cancellation.” This status means you will not be charged, but allows you to retain your access until your paid subscription has fully run its course. When the subscription term has finished, the status switches automatically to cancelled, and you are not charged.

Anatomy of the Schachter Energy Report 2017-07-24T16:25:55+00:00

The Schachter Energy Report is a members only, monthly report on market events and trends, as well as various covered companies. The archive is available to logged-in members under the “Reports” menu item on the website. As with all reports, click any image to enlarge it.

Navigating the Schachter Energy Report

The Schachter Energy Report always has three pages, under this subnavigation header:

The current page is highlighted in a darker colour to show which is selected. Below are details of the subject matter of each of these sections.

1. Market Overview

Josef provides a welcome and introduction on the first page, and then takes a detailed overview through the global market conditions and events that are combining to create values and projections in the energy market.

2. Company Coverage

As the monthly Schachter Energy Reports continue, each issue will cover several more companies until we reach a list of approximately 20-25 which meet our coverage criteria. The current coverage list will be updated in each issue, and the most recent list will reside on the Company Coverage page.

3. Summaries & Q&A

This last page shows summary tables and provides a platform for Josef to respond directly to Q&A from Schachter Energy Report members who have sent in questions to

Footer Navigation

When you get to the bottom of each page, there is a footer menu that allows you to navigate forwards or backwards through the pages. It looks like this:

Other Fast Facts

Here are some other fast facts:

  • Schachter Energy Reports are published once a month, usually in the last week of the month
  • You access your reports digitally – we send a notification e-mail, you sign in and view. Make sure “” is on your safe senders list (instructions to whitelist e-mails for various mail programs can be found at the link).
  • Your user name was sent to you during your registration process. Make sure to remember your password! If you need it, you can use the “forgot my password” process on the log in page.
How do I make sure I’m getting my Schachter Energy Report E-mails? 2017-07-24T16:26:08+00:00

To ensure you are getting your important, timely messages from the Schachter Energy Report, please ensure that the e-mail address “” is whitelisted in your mail program. Whitelisting (or adding an address to a “safe senders list”) ensures messages from the Schachter Energy Report are not perceived as spam.

Here’s a tutorial on whitelisting from Campaign Monitor, our mail delivery system. It covers instructions for the following mail programs:

  • Apple Mail (OS X and iOS devices)
  • Outlook 20xx
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Gmail (Webmail and mobile)
  • Android (Default client)
  • Windows Live Desktop>
  • AOL Mail

Hotmail users should ensure they click “it’s not spam” if messages are appearing in the spam folder:

Walkthrough: Subscription Check-out Process 2017-07-24T16:26:03+00:00

This walkthrough will show you what to expect after you have reviewed and chosen your subscription and added it to your cart. To complete purchase, you must complete the one-page checkout process.

Step 1

We ask you to provide all personal information in the first section. Every field marked with an asterisk is required. Thanks for letting us know where you heard about the Schachter Energy Report!

Please note that in the password field, you are choosing the password you are going to use going forward. Make sure it is something you can remember! It must be more than eight characters. If you forget your password, here are the instructions to retrieve it.

Step 2

A summary is then shown, showing the charges, and the renewal date. Renewals are automatic. (If required, here are the instructions to cancel a subscription.) The example shown is an annual Schachter Energy Report subscription. Whatever subscription you have chosen will be displayed here; there is nothing to do in this section but review and ensure it is correct.

Step 3

At this stage, you choose what payment method you prefer. For PayPal, you need a PayPal account. For Credit Card, you don’t need an account, you just add your number in a secure pop-up.

You must also agree to the Terms & Conditions to proceed.

Step 4

Process through the payment method of your choice. When you have successfully purchased, you will receive e-mailed receipts, and you will see a version of this screen with your details:

Log in and View Reports

The e-mails sent to you after your purchase include information on how to log in with your user name, and the password you set during your purchase. View your account or go right to Reports!

How do I log in to the Members section of 2017-07-24T16:26:24+00:00

The Members section is available here. You’ll need to enter your personal Username and Password.  You can bookmark the SER login page on your computer for quick access.

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Getting in Touch

E-mails and phone calls will be returned during the business hours of 8:30 and 4:30 MDT, Monday through Friday. If you need to cancel your subscription, please see these step by step instructions, with screen shots, on how to cancel. More general help is available under support.


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“Prepare to take advantage of ​an important buying opportunity once this persistent Energy Bear Market enters its final capitulation. By year-end 2017 ​another ​four to six year ​Bull ​Run should commence​.”

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