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Josef I. Schachter


As a 40-year veteran of the Canadian Investment Management Industry, Josef Schachter has experienced several exceptional and turbulent global economic and stock market cycles.  With his primary focus on the Energy Sector, Josef is able to weave global political, economic and monetary issues with current energy data into a compelling story of what’s going on in the sector, what is to come, and why. Josef provided Oil and Gas research to Maison Placements Canada geared to their institutional clients for the past 15 years. He continues to consult, advise and deliver presentations to various boards, companies and organizations.

Josef is most noted as a frequent guest on BNN and is regularly quoted in news publications and financial reporting agencies. He is also a regular on various radio shows including Michael Campbell’s “Money Talks” on the Corus Network and is a regular Guest Speaker at the annual World Outlook Financial Conference in Vancouver. The Business Edge Magazine awarded Josef their “Stock Picker of the Year” in 2003, 2004 and 2007. More recently, he has been acknowledged as the first analyst in Canada to predict the Oil Price Plunge of 2014.

Prior to establishing his firm Schachter Asset Management Inc. in 1996, Josef was the Market Strategist for Richardson Greenshields, a Director of RGCL and a member of its Investment Policy Committee. He holds a Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a past Chairman of the Canadian Council of Financial Analysts.


Schachter Energy Research Services Inc. is a Calgary Alberta based company that was originally created in 1996 as Schachter Asset Management Inc. It was renamed in 2017 when the Schachter Energy Report was launched.

The company also provides independent Oil and Gas Research for Maison Placements Inc. of Toronto for their institutional clients, and provides consulting and advisory services for companies in the energy sector.

Josef Schachter makes keynote speeches and corporate presentations to various corporate and NGO organizations and at conferences across the country.


Above all else we value:

  • Integrity in the way we conduct and present our independent research

  • Transparency in our business dealings with subscribers, providers and the companies we cover

  • Value-added information and analyses helping companies and individual investors manoeuver through energy business cycles

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“I prefer to take a long-term view versus a trading approach. Find the bull market window and then invest in and support the great companies with exciting growth profiles. For companies to excel, they need to have great people, projects that make sense, and the financial capability to execute, and this is what I delve into when doing my research.”

JOSEF SCHACHTER • Investment Philosophy

“After seeing you on BNN I thought you were one of the most informative analysts they have ever had on the show. I certainly like your style and sense of humour and it is more than obvious that you have done your diligence. You were right and your report is excellent!”

Mark Mazalo, Red Leaf Moulding

“I absolutely enjoyed listening to Josef’s presentation at the World Financial Outlook Conference and can’t wait to get his recommendations. I understand what happens at the field level having been in the oil patch for 25 years. It’s a pleasure meeting someone that seems to understand the oil patch from the ground up, not the other way around!”

Ivan Bergman, Eidnet


Josef lives at the intersection of big picture thinking, technical and financial analysis and on the ground common sense.

Until you understand what’s going on globally that might impact the oil and gas sector, you can’t understand the challenges and opportunities facing the regional producers.  In his presentations, as well as his research, Josef takes the global perspective, puts it into the context of regional and local implications and from there, highlights companies that have what it takes to meet the challenges and become successful.  It’s a rigorous and time-consuming process.


  • Worldwide demand
  • Storage levels worldwide
  • Regional Insurgencies
  • ISIS and other terrorist activities in oil producing countries
  • Failing or corrupt governments
  • World Banks’ activity
  • Currency fluctuations
  • US$
  • OPEC and non-OPEC producer strategies
  • LNG activity
  • Impact of Sanctions
  • Climate Change Issues
  • Geo-political issues
  • Pipeline access
  • Facilities & Pipelines construction timelines
  • First Nations’ issues impact on production growth
  • Widening or shrinking contangos


  • Knows the CEOs and Executives
  • Meets with companies
  • Visits sites when required
  • Easy Phone Access
  • Reputation: honesty and integrity
  • Projects make sense
  • Knows Team History
  • Analyses: quarterly & annual financial reports
  • Attends company presentations & conference calls
  • Reviews legal filings
  • Support of Bankers and suppliers
  • Low operating Costs
  • High Impact Exploration Upside
  • Manageable decline rates
  • 1P & 2P Reserve Life Indices
  • Growing Production
  • Balance Sheets show Financial Capacity


  • Bullish/Bearish Indicators
  • Rig Counts
  • Oil & Gas Charts
  • WTI Charts
  • Injection Charts
  • Historical Knowledge
  • Net Asset Value
  • Reserves Analysis
  • Book Value vs Historical trading ranges
  • S&P Energy Bullish Percentage Index
  • Supply and Demand Cycle
  • Energy Indices
  • Futures Positions of speculative and commercial positions
  • Individual Company Stock
  • Charts and trends